Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum
745 North Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, California 92262
760-778-6262 ext:222

Driving Directions

The address for the Air Museum in Palm Springs is 745 North Gene Autry Trail.

The address for the Pond Estate (Ponderose) is 64725 Acanto Drive, also in Palm Springs.

In driving to the Museum from Los Angeles, note that at the I-10 off ramp, “Gene Autry Trail” is the south bound road and “Palm Drive” is the north bound road.  They both share the same off ramp.   Don't get “Palm Drive” confused with “Palm Canyon” or “Date Palm”, which also have I-10 off ramps.   Watch your “Palms” when traveling to Palm Springs!

From the Air Museum to Ponderose:

TURN RIGHT heading South on GENE AUTRY TRAIL for about 1.25 miles. Note: “Gene Autry Trail” is also signed Hwy 111 for only a small section along Gene Autry Trail, so be careful about Hwy 111 and Gene Autry Trail. Hwy 111 is also Palm Canyon Drive.

TURN RIGHT on RAMON ROAD for about 1.75 miles.

TURN LEFT on SUNRISE WAY for about 1.75 miles. You will cross East Palm Canyon Drive then soon Sunrise becomes La Verne Way.

TURN LEFT on SOUTH PALM CANYON DRIVE for about 1.25 miles - the main road comes to an end.

TURN LEFT on ACANTO DRIVE - the PONDEROSE is straight ahead.

If you have driven your IMPERIAL, you may park inside. If you have driven a modern car, you must park outside, on the street. There will be plenty of room for parking.

A SPECIAL NOTE regarding the Pond home itself.  We are the guests of the Pond family to view their wonderful grounds and automobile collection. The Pond home itself is not open for our viewing and we are asked to please respect the family privacy. The collection is in a series of beautiful garage buildings to the left of their home.

For the people who did not bring a brown bag lunch, there is a hotdog and drink stand inside the Air Museum.

The drive from the museum to Pond's is 20 - 30 mins.


Directions from MAPQUEST.COM:

1.    Start out going Southeast on N GENE AUTRY TRAIL towards MISSION DR by
turning right. 0.8 miles    

2.    Turn RIGHT onto E RAMON RD. 1.4 miles

3.    Turn LEFT onto S FARRELL DR. 1.0 miles

4.    Turn RIGHT onto E PALM CANYON DR. 0.5 miles

5.    Turn LEFT onto S SUNRISE WAY. 0.1 miles

6.    South SUNRISE WAY becomes South LA VERNE WAY. 1.1 miles

7.    Turn LEFT onto S PALM CANYON DR. 1.5 miles

8.    Turn LEFT onto ACANTO DR. 0.3 miles

Total Distance: 6.8 miles    Total Estimated Time: 16 minutes


Wanted - For a 1939 Custom Imperial Limousine C24 - This is my Perpetual Plea for Parts!

The parts needed are Chrysler:

P/N 692186 Mainshaft with Fluid drive and Overdrive
P/N 633804 Transmission countershaft (Cluster) gear
P/N 694793 Main Drive Pinion (Input Shaft)

I'll worry about what other parts I need as I go along.  Also I would like a B/W book/catalog with the B/W T85A-1A transmission P/N's and schematics or copies to help in my search for parts.

The transmission was used in 38/39 eight cylinder cars only, although the overdrive units are different.  Jim & Cathy Martin,, 1058 Westchester Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2047

For Sale - '75 Imperial LeBaron 4-door. 

82,000 original miles, 440, most power options, brown w/tan top & interior, runs and drives excellent, nice inside and out, paint needs to be buffed out. Original California car, registration expired 2 years, now in Northridge. Can be driven anywhere. $1,500 firm. If not sold by Spring Fling (April), motor & trans will be taken out and the rest will be junked, so don't hesitate!  Ed Walsh at, Phone 818-764-7590, page 818-973-0517

Bob's impressions:  "The car has has always been in California. The color is gold/sand (?) with a matching top and a gold tone (or lighter) interior. Leather just a little dirty, but should look great after cleaning. It has mostly been up north, in rural California, but not always garaged.  Only evident damage is to the dash, which is sun darkened, but not warped or cracked. Everything is pretty nice - the trunk is amazingly clean and the engine compartment is moderately clean. Only a few scratches in the paint (lower rear right), chrome is very good. I should have test rubbed the paint a little, but I'm guessing it would clean and polish fairly well. Top has a few odd stains and perhaps a little rust at very back edge.

The current owner is a young mechanic, who bought it from last owner who put a lot on money in it, but blew transmission. So this guy fixed it and has kept it up at parent's cabin, where is was used to run errands and put boat in lake - has a trailer hitch. A/C was working when he bought it, but Freon leaked through a poorly patched hose. One window has stripped gear, but other windows, radio, antenna, alarm system, etc. all seem to work fine. "Star" where small rock hit windshield.

I drove it - starts easily, runs fairly quietly, drives nicely, but not as nice as my '66! Tires are fair, have tread, but nearly dried out.  This seems like a good deal at $1500 - seems like it's in better beginning shape than my '66 that I bought about 5 years ago."